WiFi Security communities now open, with a forum and a Discord server

WiFi Security communities now open, with a forum and a Discord server


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Learning never stops, as things change, and rapidly in information security and IT. Things get faster and more complex as time goes, and we need to keep up. For that reason, we we are now opening WiFi security and wireless security communities, to everybody. They allow to share, learn, stay up to date, and engage with information security professionals around the world, on the topics of WiFi security and wireless security.

We have a forum, and a Discord server. While we discuss the same topics in both, they are organized differently.


If you aren't familiar with Discord, it is an instant messaging and voice/video chat platform for the most part, similarly to Slack. It is organized in servers (aka communities), where we gather and chat around a specific topic whether text or voice, and sometimes stream. Discord was originally focused on video games communities, but Discord's features now make it comparable to Slack in some ways. Similarly to Slack and unlike IRC, the channels and chat history are persistent, and offer rich content.

FinchSec Discord server

We have a number of channels, grouped in categories.



That's where most of the discussions happen. For the time being, we have a primary channel, #general, where all the discussions about WiFi security and wireless security topics are discussed, and another called #offtopic for anything unrelated. We will expand as time goes.


This one contains company-related information, which includes news, blog posts, everything from our Twitter/Mastodon account, as well as updates on the open source tools we offer, which are available on GitHub and on DockerHub. We currently offer a WiFi penetration testing container, that we discussed in an earlier post.


It has a number of feeds related to the topic of information security at this time. #linux-wireless provides Linux Wireless mailing list updates, the #feeds channel contains updates from Twitter from security researchers, #cve has CVE updates, #conventions-feed receive updates from a few conventions' Twitter feed, and finally #wireless-security-news, which will receive curated news about Wireless security.

The rest

The rest of rest are updates from different open source projects used in WiFi penetration testing. They are organized on a per project basis for the most part, where #development receives updates from their git repository, as well as opened/closed issues, pull or merge requests, and so on. The #releases receives updates when they create a new release. And there are more channels available, depending on what they each offer.

At the very bottom, in the Other category, there are currently two channels for projects, and one for all the updates for different Linux penetration testing distributions.


UPDATE: Forum has been discontinued for the time being.

The old classic, a threaded forum. We went with XenForo.

FinchSec Forum

It is split in two sections. The top one contains company updates, similarly to Discord, however, it will only receives updates for blog posts, and company news.

The other section is where all the discussions happen. Each category's topic should be self-explanatory.

By the way, for those of you who use multifactor authentication, the forum allows to enable it in your account, currently with TOTP. We'll be looking into having WebAuthn/Passkey/FIDO2 for passwordless authentication.